Friday, March 1, 2013

The Newlywed Game {link up}

Welcome to the Newlywed Game Link Up!

If you've done it before....GREAT!

If you haven't... grab your spouse & answer this week's questions,
either in a VLOG, or regular blog post.

You have from now until Sunday at midnight EST!

Here we are with another VLOG.


Here are our funny photos that we talked about at the end:

Scott's Pick for my funniest photo ^^

My pick for Scott's funniest photo ^^

Oh, come on, you know you want to link  up!
Here are the deets:

1.  Follow both the HOST & the CO-HOST!
2.  Post the button above to your post.
3.  Post the questions & your answers.
4.  Add your link to the bottom of the post where it asks for your link.
5.  Have fun checking out everyone else's answers!  

You can link up anytime from now til Sunday at midnight EST!
I'm excited to see your answers!

& if you'd like to link up next week, here are next week's questions:

What is your spouse's favorite animal?
What does your spouse do..what's their occupation? Explain as much as you possibly can.
What is your spouse's favorite pro sports team?
If your spouse could retire anywhere, where would they choose?
What is something on your spouse's bucket list?
What is your spouse's favorite candy or sweet?
What is something your spouse would love to have in their dream home? Like a specific room they want, etc.
If your spouse could only watch one movie over and over for a week, which one would it be?
Who chose the wedding colors? Your or your spouse? What were they?
If your spouse could teach a monkey one trick, what would they have it do?


  1. KC and I got married in our backyard and it was fantastic! I can't imagine having to plan a wedding and the stress of it. My husband couldn't live without his tools either! Them crazy mechanics. Anddd, I gave a shout out to Twilight too! I love this link up, y'all are so cute!

  2. I love that you are always done up and cute looking! Love hearing all your answers though! So much fun getting to learn about everyone!

  3. I love that you guys mentioned Rules of Engagement, my husband and I love watching that show together. So many situations or things the characters do that reminds me of us! We had the same answers for the first question too! This link up is so much fun! :)

  4. Oh hay BOOTAY!!!! I peed a little laughing.
    Rules of engagement- you are definitely not Jen, you're aubrey fo sho. And I'd say scott is definitely NOT Jeff but maybe Timmy haha. LOVE THE REFERENCE
    Scott you can never have too much lipgloss... hahaha but oh my goodness Dan and I are laughing at the make out sesh break hahahah LMAO
    Oh man Scotts eyes aren't big!! Haha he can just make them look big!
    LOVE YOU GUYS!! This is why we're friends. :) Def cheesecake factory next week... after hair and makeup by nicole?!

  5. I love this! You guys are too cute and I like the idea of the vlog. I SO have to take the time to do this! I have 0 time anymore! :(

    Also...I think you look cute in the "funny" picture.

  6. haha chocolate, hot sauce, and ice cream...oh that's hilarious!! Scott's answer and explanation to that was just SO funny.
    We've always wanted to try paintball!
    sounds like a sweet picnic outside...can't wait for warmer weather!
    I LOVE your photos...too funny :)
    aww when kev and I met, I had a boyfriend too...and he knew it
    you are incredible to have found that car! I bet that was awesome.

  7. Am totally loving this!!! Thanks so much for putting this on hun! :)

  8. You guys are seriously SO cute! And umm, hello, you are gorgeous! The vlog is great...wish I could get my hubby to do one. Following you now (found you through passion pink and pearls) and linking up :)


  9. I love this!! I found you via Ellie Love via Passion, Pink & Pearls.

    We had so much fun completing the questions for this week


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