Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take a Moment Today

Oh boy.  Cover your ears... or your eyes for that matter.
This is a mushy gushy-licious post.
My apologies.


For those of you who are in a relationship,
for those of you who are newlyweds,
or not so newlywedded... let's play a game for a second.

Think back.
Do you remember that magic?
Remember those sparks that flew those first few months of your relationship?
Remember that first moment where you thought, game over: he/she is the one?

Man, did Scott & I have that.  Not at first though.
I was quiet, he was quiet, we never really said much to each other.
But when we did, we just clicked.  We meshed, like peanut butter & jelly, yo.
& After that, there was no stopping us.

I did some crazy stupid things. I guess we all do, when we fall in love.
At almost $4 a gallon, I was filling up my car with gas every. other. day.
just to make the hour drive from my parent's house to go see him.
That's insane-sauce.

7 months into our relationship, we were in love, living together, & engaged.

Bing.  Bang.  Boom. 

& now we're married.  
& some days, I wake up, look at him, & think...
Damn.  Where did all that time go?
( This is why we don't have kids yet... then time will REALLY fly)

So lately, I've tried to bring back the magic, 
bring back the fire, the spontaneity, the carefree feelings.
Because although I still consider us in the honeymoon stage,
sometimes marriage can get TOO serious.

Work.  Pay Bills.  Save Money.  Clean.  Laundry.  Dishes.  Take Garbage Out.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat.

Lately, I've tried spicing things up.
Dancing after dinner,
late night car rides with no where to go,
crazy fun photo shoots in the middle of a hike,
tickle fights before bed.

Sounds silly.
But that was us before marriage.
That was us when the sparks were flying.

The sparks still fly, 
but sometimes we forget the tickle fights,
sometimes we forget the paper towel roll sword fights,
sometimes we forget the midnight drives,

So, I challenge you... 
think back to that magical time,
& relive a few memories from that time.

It will make you laugh, make you feel closer,
& it will make those sparks fly so high,
you're neighbors will wonder if they should call the cops.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

I haven't done one of these in a while, 
so I thought I'd share with you all,
yet another part of my wedding.

We had a photo booth!
Photo booths at weddings seem a bit cliche` now I guess,
it seems like everyone & their sister has them at their wedding,
but I loved it & our guests did too!

Side Note: I've only been to TWO weddings in my entire life & I was in both of them.
I was a flower girl when I was 8 & a bride when I was 23..
I've never been to a wedding as a guest!
Weird, but true.

Anyway, this is a short post.
I leave you with these beautifully attractive photo booth photos.


Such an awesome time.
Can I go back to that day?
Like, now?


Monday, February 25, 2013

Nagging Newlywed

It's true...
I can be such a nag.
At least I can admit it.

I never wanted to be that annoying nagging wife.
But lately, I've been a nag without even really knowing it.

Now that I am nannying,
I almost feel as if I am trying to keep up with not one, but two households.
& I have the most wonderful husband to help me with our own chores,
& he does.

But sometimes...
he'll forget to put dry dishes away,
he will fold the clothes, but not put them away,
he'll leave his clothes on the floor,
he'll leave his darts out,

(Do you notice the trend here?)

Scott has a thing with not being able to put things away!
Maybe it's a guy thing... who knows.

I have faults too, people.
I'm definitely NOT perfect.
I am actually the opposite of Scott.
I'm a procrastinator & I have a hard time starting projects.
But once started, I NEED to finish them.

Scott on the other hand can start a project,
but can't seem to finish it.
& don't get me wrong...
I love this man.
I love him hard.

That said... I've been nagging and nagging and nagging lately that he finish work around the house instead of leaving the remnants of household chores for me to find, and finish myself.

And let me tell you guys... The nagging..  YEAH.. It's not working.

I think it's actually making him not want to finish the job even more.

So here begins what I am calling,

"Project No-Nag"

I'm all done nagging. 
I'm going to try hard to let the little things go.
I'm going to be as nice as can be.
& we shall see how this works.

Because really, my husband is awesome,
& deserves better & so I am giving this a try.

Wish me luck.

hashtag: projectnonag.


Usually today I would be hosting the Instagramazing Link Up
with the awesome, Nicole...who by the way posted this hilarious VLOG
on her blog for this Newlywed Game Link-Up that I host with Veronica Friday-Sunday.
(the VLOG that Nicole did is an absolute MUST see)

Anyway, I usually host the Instagramazing Link Up on Mondays,
but today I am being a bad host and skipping out on it do bring you this:

Yet another segment of Karla's How-To's.

I am so so excited about this one, 
because it's a DIY project that Scott & I completed over the weekend.

Without further ado...
I bring you this.


Nail polish matching paint color was a complete coincidence.

One of my favorite poems,
you can read it in it's entirety here.

It is supposed to emulate an eye chart.
It reads: And they lived happily ever after.

The middle 3 words say: Live, Laugh, Dream

And there you have it.
A Pegboard Headboard.
Didn't even have to try to make that rhyme.

The pegboard/pegs & wire basket holding the flowers were purchased at Home Depot.
Everything else came from my favorite craft store in the whole wide world, Michaels.
Gold sparkly pillow on bed = A gem I found at Marshalls.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

GREAT news!!!

Hey you!
Yes, you!

That 5K for the victims of Sandy Hook School I've been mentioning....



Whether it be Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, California, Florida, Germany, France, Australia, 
wherever YOU may be... you can VIRTUALLY run in the 5K that helps raise money for the people whose hearts broke on December 14, 2012 in my beloved hometown.

Being a virtual runner in this 5K means that you can sign up, (100% of the $$ goes to the SHS Fund)
& you can run the 5K wherever in the world you happen to be!!

You get a t-shirt & everything!

Wanna do it?? 

My team is called, "Fight for Green & White"

Click here.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Newlywed Game Link Up (VLOG Style!)

I've noticed that some of you are 
really enjoying the Newlywed link up.
& I am so glad that you do!

I cannot even tell you how much fun it is for Scott & I to read all your answers!
It is cool to see where we are the same and where we differ from other couples.

This week, I convinced Scott to do a VLOG with me to answer the questions!! 
Check it out!


And if you'd like to link up...
here are the deets.


1.  Follow both the HOST & the CO-HOST!
2.  Post the button above to your post.
3.  Post the questions & your answers.
4.  Add your link to the bottom of the post where it asks for your link.
5.  Have fun checking out everyone else's answers!  

You can link up anytime from now til Sunday at midnight EST!
I'm excited to see your answers!

& if you'd like to link up next week, here are next week's questions:

1.  What advice would you give a friend who found out that he/she is getting married?
2.  Do you have a pet name for your spouse?  If so, what is it?
3.  What are 3 things that your spouse cannot live without?
4.  What is your favorite date idea? (something you have or haven't done)
5.  Is there a book or movie that reminds you of your marriage with your spouse? 
If so, which one and why?
6.  Rate the very last kiss you had with your spouse.  How was it on a scale of 1-10?
7.  What was the very first thing you noticed about your spouse when you first met?
8.  What was the very first gift your spouse ever gave you?
9.  Is there anything you sacrificed when you married your spouse?  If so, what?
10.  What would your spouse say is the funniest photo of you?  
Try & describe the picture, or post it below!

See you next week!  =D

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Good Ugly Cry

Sometimes we all need that one good ugly cry.
Am I right ladies? 

I'm not a big cryer,
so sometimes when my emotions get the best of me, 
it all comes out in one huge nasty cry.

I'm talking, a full-on, nasty, "I just watched The Notebook" sob-fest.

I had one of those yesterday,
& it felt really great afterwards.

A lot of bloggers have been very open & honest about their go-arounds with anxiety.
I think we all in a way kind of suffer from some kind of anxiety at some point or another.

For me, anxiety is sometimes a daily struggle,
& then sometimes, it just disappears.

Since the shooting in my hometown, I have struggled with anxiety a little more than usual.
I worry about my health, my family, my husband, our finances, someone breaking in...
The list goes on and on.

"What good will worrying do you?" 
says everyone.

No good.  No good at all.
But, anxiety sort of has a mind of it's own.
No shut off button.

Sometimes, it can consume my life so much,
& then I just boil over... hence the big nasty cry.

What helps?

-My supportive husband who is there no matter what.
-My supportive family who are there no matter what.
-Talking to God.  I don't talk about Him much on here, but talking to Him 
& knowing that He is always there, is something that helps me a lot.
-Being in my happy place.  Writing in this blog, exercising-- all these things help.
-Getting up & getting out.  Doing something.  Keeping busy.
-I've been reading The Happiness Project  -- this helps! =)
-Wine. ... no but really, a glass of wine at night sometimes does the trick ;-)

I have this picture on my phone...
just in case I forget!

What helps YOU?