Forever Newly Wedded 
wants to swap buttons with you!

A little bit about Forever Newly Wedded...
she's spunky & fun & is mostly light-hearted.
{Yes... I talk about my blog like she's real or something... and Yes, she's a she.}

She sometimes contains ridiculousness, 
mostly contains newlywed shhtuff.. 
and always talks about the little ol' life of this girl,

& the man pictured with her below is her husband,
who makes frequent appearances too.

All silliness aside,
want to put your pretty little button up on my sidebar?
I'd love to have you! 

As of September 2013, Forever Newly Wedded has:

350+ GFC Followers
162+ Facebook Followers
95+ Twitter Followers
60,000+ Pageviews

Let's swap buttons!

Questions? Comments? 
Email me! 



  1. I love your blog. Would you want to swap buttons?? :)

    I'll add yours now!

    Melanie @ keepitsimpleandfun.blogspot.com

  2. Karla, you're so darn cute! When your swap opens up, I would love to swap! :)

  3. I'm new to the blog world, but I love your blog.
    I just added your button to my page!


  4. Hey girl!!! If your up for button swapping with me when your moving is settled and your blogging again hit me up ;)

  5. Of course I'm interested in a button swap ;-)


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