Our Love Story

First Meeting

Scott and I first met through a mutual friend of ours, who happened to be my awesome college roommate.  We met briefly at a birthday party that she was having.  But, we formally met at a fair that I went to with my roommate.  For me, it wasn’t any lovey-dovey, love at first sight kind of thing.  But there was something about him that had me interested.

First Date

Our first date was the day after Christmas.  December 26th 2009.  We lived an hour away.  He came all the way to my parent’s house to pick me up.  I felt bad for his long drive.  So I drove to the restaurant.  Applebees.  Nothing special.  But we had the best time and could not stop talking.  I guess that is what I loved about him.  No awkward silences.  Never a dull moment.

Then we went to the movies and saw, “Sherlock Holmes”.  I am not one to make the first move.  So I remember nothing about the movie except that I wanted him to hold my hand… something!  He didn’t grab my hand until the very last scene.  But, it was worth the wait!

On the way back to my parent’s house I took a bunch of back roads so that I would have more time with him.  He had no clue, but he did wonder why it was taking so long to get back!! Hahaha, sneaky sneaky! 

We got back, and he didn’t kiss me.  I was sad.  But loved his respect for me.

It’s Official

We went on a few more dates after that…but we weren’t official until New Years Eve.  December 31, 2009.  Yeah.  Cheesy.  Ten minutes before midnight.  We are in the basement of his friend’s house.  TV is on.  ((I’m obsessed with all things NYC)) So, I tell him how much I would love to be in the center of the ball dropping chaos in Times Square.  And he replies with, “Let’s go next year!”  And I say, “Okay…” and he says… “Under one condition… you have to go as my girlfriend.”    =)

The Proposal

July 17, 2010.  I had planned a trip to NYC.  We had bought tickets to go on the Backstage Tour of Radio City Music Hall (one of my favorite places in the whole wide world).  We did the tour, and got to stand on the Great Stage that the Rockette’s dance on.  I was in absolute heaven.

After the tour, Scott wanted to walk through Central Park and relax.  We walked by several places to sit… but he kept walking and I remember complaining that I just wanted to sit down.  We finally got to a small bridge that went over a small stream of water.  

No one was around and it almost felt surreal to be in NYC and not hear a pin drop.  He looked at me and said, “How was your day so far?” and I said, “It’s been amazing!  This is the best day of my life… I got to dance on the Great Stage!”

That’s when he looked at me casually and said, “How about having a great life?”  And I looked at him like… “Huh?...”

That’s when he got down on one knee, and I don’t remember much after that! 

I was completely taken by surprise and then of course jumping for joy that he proposed in my favorite city in the world.

Our Wedding Day

I married the love of my life on June 16, 2012.  

I was raised in a church, and though Scott was too…he was very willing to marry me in the church that I grew up in, which made me so happy.  We were married in the most beautiful church (Okay… I’m biased).

Our getaway car was like none other.

Our reception was at the Fox Hill Inn in Brookfield, CT.  They did an amazing job.  We had the best DJ who bended over backwards to make sure we were happy.  We had some pretty amazing guests, and the absolute best wedding party that we could have ever asked for!  Again… I’m totally biased!
The sun was shining.  It was about 88 degrees.  It was a beautiful day that I will never forget.

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  1. awww. you got engaged on my wedding day!

  2. Hello, I just stumbled up on your blog and thought I would check it out. I love the proposal and I look forward to reading your blog and future adventures. Here's mine if you want to take a look and maybe follow :)


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